The city of Veliky Novgorod is the current capital of The New Order. It was formerly the New Novgorod Republic capital. Much of it was destroyed by a nuclear detonation, but a good part was left unscathed. With the crater nearby, the NNR found a perfect place to set up their new nation. It now has a large population.


Veliky Novgorod is divided into three areas;

  1. Suburb District. Surrounding most of the city, this area houses half of the residents. Split into one part in the north-east and the other poorer part in the south.
  2. Down-town District. Most people live here. Lots of cars and people passing through every day. The main government building is located in the centre of this area.
  3. Industrial and Military District. Located in the west. Most factories have been converted to military installations. Has a heli-pad and the airport.

History (After WW3)

In the aftermath of the creation of the NNR here, many scavengers began to arrive here. It now hosts many people. It was besieged by first Cultists and then TNO forces. A valiant defence was made, but the The New Order captured the city. This was the last nail in the coffin of the Novgorod Republic, parts of which either joined the Trade Union and create the Commonwealth, or become independent. Back to the city, The New Order declared Veliky Novgorod its own capital. Due to heavy losses around the region, The New Order began to concentrate its forces around the city.