4 CEOs, each from one of the companies, jointly rule the TU.                                                                            

The Trade Union was an Oligarch created from the remnants of the big 4 corporations of Russia: Gazprom, Sberbank, Novolipetsk Steel and finally Kalashnikov. Each of these companies brought something to the table from Guns to steel. Their capital was at Kstovo, south-east of Veliky Novgorod. The early history of the Trade Union is unclear, but we know that they use an oil refinery that continues to operate and produce petrol to trade and use. 6 months later the first skirmish of the wasteland happened when a convoy of 20 men with 5 oil trucks against 60 what we now call the "The New Order",This was the first action against the Trade Union. The Trade Union has now unified with the NNR to create the Commonwealth of Novgorod.                                                                                          


The Trade Union dislikes warfare, but will happily resort to conflict whenever it needs to. It's army is made of mercenaries and contractors, as well as a small permanent force. Their main duties are to protect convoys, re-posses stolen property and guard trade deals. They also train the Novgorodian army.                                                                                          

Notable Victories

Battle for The New Order munition stockpiles.

Pre-Commonwealth NNR and TU forces vs NNO troops.                                                                                          

Raid of Savino: Pre-Commonwealth TU squad vs large bandit gang.