The New Novgorod Republic used to be one of the most democratic factions in the wasteland. It is now part of the Commonwealth of Novgorod. Many wastelanders flocked to join this faction. They have became a symbol of peace and freedom in the wasteland due to not being involved in many conflicts. The creation of the New Novgorod Republic came about after a small Diplomatic force from Finland got caught in the middle of the wasteland. They decided to stay and help the locals recover and eventually they decided to stay and promote democracy and freedom. Recently, they suffered a serious defeat at the hands of The New Order at their own capital, Veliky Novgorod. This in turn, was the last straw for some settlements, who broke away to become the Novgorod Seperatists. during this time the new order invaded veliky Novgorod with some help with the followers of Yermak which they later betraded them killing all 50/40 men

Leadership and Structure

The leaders of the NNR were not known, although it is possible that they were ruled by a group of people. Individual towns and outposts are governed by mayors.


The NNR military was formerly not too large. Troops did have a good amount of experience in combat however. They later re-organized the army due to the war with the New Order. The Novgorodian Army benefited highly from Trade Union, with new weapons and training. when the to 2 nations formed the Commonwealth cause the power of 10 hundred more soldiers


The New Novgorod Republic went to war with the New Order and The Followers of Yermak. Meanwhile it allied with the Trade Union, later unifying and becoming the Commonwealth. During a on a trade union trian