Members of the pre-war elite.

Very little is known about this faction, but what people know is disturbing. The New Russian have been underground since the beginning of the nuclear conflict. They are survivors of the Russian government, specifically the Russian Defence Ministry. It is also rumoured that members of the Orthodox church are also there. The government knew what was soon to happen so they prepared themselves for the worst. It is said that the The Orthodox Church held a lot of power. They send out expeditions to the outside world to survey the land. It is said that they "shoot and then talk".

Unfortunately for them, all participating members of an expedition to Savino (Episode 3) were killed after a prolonged battle with a band of bandits. They have just begun their surprise war on the Commonwealth and are feared to be planning an assault on Veliky Novgorod.


The real army of the series, the New Russian Army developed highly advanced versions of weapons such as the FNL 2000s and T-90MS tanks. They are masters at using these weapons, as they are the only ones with experience. The NR Military prefers to scan the entire field of operation before commiting to battle. This works well in their favour.

Notable Victories

Strike on Highway M10 Outpost

Tank Battle at Dubrava