A group of hardened Russian Militants that are ruled by a dictatorship demanding every one follow them so they can create the New Russian Order.  On the outside they seem to be ordinary enough but behind the veil everyone has a gun to their head. They eliminate anyone who opposes them. Their territory stretches from Vodogon to Opechenskiy Posad, they are by far the faction with the largest established territory with a capital at Yubileynyy, east of Novgorod. Even though they are considered a dictatorship people follow them because they offer something nobody else does; security and direction. They protect their own and the citizens follow them to their very last breath. So people went to them for their discipline and protection. They resemble the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.   


Very well armed, almost to actual military standards. The New Order is know to often use AA guns mounted on KAMAZ Trucks as infantry support vehicles. They are also the only known faction to use BTR-90s   

This Flag may be similar to a broken G or even a swastika.