Man with the name of Yermak, in honour of the Cossack. KIA.


A large group of Cultists that were dedicated to the Cossack Yermak, a conqueror, explorer and military leader. These people were devoted to him because they we're direct descendants of the cossacks that served with him during his time of expansion. They each thought they served Yermak as they kill, conquer and exploring undoing the damages of the world. They consider themselves mightier than everyone, believing Yermak will protect them from their enemies, Therefor they are fearless when it comes to fighting, not afraid to die. This was shown to be true in the raid on the New Novgorod Republic town, where all their raiders died. Any survivors that were captured by one of the three factions almost nearly every time committed suicide just after being captured. They suffered numerous defeats an were ultimately destroyed at their base.


The Cultists focused more on a raiding force rather than a professional army. They relied on speed and numbers. The cultist forces used many technicals, jeeps, moterbikes and quads. The Followers are usually unable to survive a prolonged battle.


After their destruction at the Battle of the Cult Camp, the remaining cultists divided into sects and slowly began to unscrew the bolts of the faction. One large group attacked the city of Chudovo. They massacred many citizens and created an especially gruesome scene in the church. They were eventually pushed out by Commonwealth soldiers and civilians. Although they still pop up from time to time, they slowly fade away from wasteland memory.