Created from the Unification of the Trade Union and New Novgorod Republic, The Commonwealth is a relatively new but very strong faction. It combines the wealth of the TU and the manpower of the NNR. The Commonwealth is waged an active war against The New Order, Cultist remnants as well as Separatist outposts. However only TNO remains out of these 3. They have recently been attacked by New Russia, suffering an embarrassing defeat. The capital is at Kstovo.


Huge manpower. Likes to use technicals, jeeps and vans with machine guns. Heavy weaponry include Artemis AA Guns and T-64 tanks. They have also captured a BTR-90 from The New Order. It was used by the Commonwealth to annihilate the insane remaining Followers of Yermak. The BTR-90 was destroyed along with many other Commonwealth vehicles in the New Russian Offensive.

Notable Victories

Second Battle of Tunnelside.

Storming of Cultist Base

Battle of Chudovo

War Crime or Revenge?

It is still a mystery why the Commonwealth literally blew Tunnelside, a former separatist stronghold, to bits and pieces. Many call it a war crime, while the TU lot say it was revenge for attacking a convoy.